Je ne regrette rien


We are a secular homeschool family. We homeschool under the private school law in Louisiana, which requires that we send a letter of intent to register the school each year. Our school is named St Catherine Academy of the Creative Arts. Cleo chose this name because “she’s an artist” and St. Catherine of Bologna is the patron saint of artist.

We are an eclectic homeschool, where we implement many different models of homsechooling into one that works surrounding our daughter’s strengths and interests. Our core curriculum is the computer-based Time 4 Learning, which offers curriculum for Language Arts, Extended Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math.  We supplement this curriculum with field trips, thematic units, and a literature.

We are called accidental homeschoolers – homeschoolers that came to be due to circumstances other than the traditional decision to homeschool. You can read about what led us to homeschool at this post and this post.

Cleo has responded quite well to homeschooling. She loves it, in fact. She is thriving. Now we just need to work on the self-esteem that was crumbled while she was attending public school.


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