Je ne regrette rien

Pardon the Interruption, but

Posted in Uncategorized by Amy on February 18, 2009

I was going to move my blog.  I have crazy ex inlaws that somehow found me and decided following my every move was benefitial.  You see, I spent nine years of my life with a pretty “involved” man. He was so involved that I never had to worry about thinking for myself. He wouldn’t have wanted me to hurt myself by making something called a decision. But then I did make a decision, a big one, and packed up all of my clothes in a garbage bag and left him, starting over completely. But no one had ever done anything like that before, had courage and left the family. Since then, what I do and who I am with and where I go has become of great interest. I think they were disappointed when comments were moderated. I decided, though, not to move afterall. Why should I have to jump from home to home, literally or in the cyber world, just to find peace? I shouldn’t. I mean, I moved 1,200 miles away, what more should I do?  So I am going to put my big girl costume on and  take it like a woman.

We now go back to your regularly scheduled program.

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  1. liprap said, on February 18, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    Just be careful.

    And have a happy Mardi Gras!

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