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Mama Bear is MAD

Posted in Uncategorized by Amy on February 13, 2009

My daughter came home from school yesterday with all of her notebooks and papers. I had told the teacher that Friday would be her last day, but apparently her teacher either misunderstood me or received the drop slip and assumed that meant it was now done.  At any rate, I am not sending her today because she spent her lunch hour crying yesterday after some fucking asshole decided it would be a good day to target her and called her a bunch of names. Right now I am fighting the desire to go to the school and tell him off. And his mother, who works at the school. And the girl taht pushed my daughter down outside the day before and the other little girl that my daughter said “got in my face” the day before.  Or the little girl that told my daughter to give up her supertickets, saying that the Irish killed her grandfather.

I am so relieved that she never has to step foot in that damn place ever, ever again.

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  1. Isabel said, on February 14, 2009 at 1:27 am

    Since the school officials are not responding, write to the board of directors.

    As for the mom of the bad kids, give them a call and tell them it’s time for them to shape up the kids or they will get someone else mad in a few years and be shot dead on the street.

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